Skilled Nursing & Short-Term Respite Care

Our Skilled Nursing neighborhood will be one of Hawaii’s leading rehabilitation facilities available to both residents and non-residents of Kalākaua Gardens.

Our highly trained interdisciplinary-care teams will partner with individual patients to tackle their specific needs, whether they have undergone surgery or hospitalization, received a joint replacement or sustained an injury. Our goal is to help eliminate conditions such as falls, pressure ulcers and infections, and to identify potential ongoing health issues in advance.

At Kalākaua Gardens we recognize that post-acute care demands a high level of medical expertise, but more importantly, quality care from experienced professionals. Our team of professionals will offer genuine care and will be therefor you, your family, each other and our community.

• 24-hour nursing care

• 49 beds in a warm and friendly environment

• The comprehensive Imua Rehabilitation Program

• A state-of-the-art rehabilitation gym

• Short-term care

Whether you are going away on business or vacation, Short-Term Respite Care at Kalākaua Gardens is the perfect solution for providing your loved one with the individualized care and attention they need.

Kalākaua Gardens offers an encouraging atmosphere for those that simply need to become a little healthier, stronger or “get back on their feet” and regain independence.

Our safe, nurturing community and professional staff will support the wellness needs of your loved one and promote an environment of interaction between residents. Enjoy peace of mind by knowing that each suite features its own emergency response system.

Kalākaua Gardens’ Short-Term Respite Care includes all meals and access to the community’s amenities and services, to make the experience feel just like home.