Testimonials & Reviews

September 3, 2021

"The COVID safety precautions in place made us feel comfortable that patients were protected."

I wanted to share my thanks to your wonderful staff over the recent care of my 89 year old mother.  She fell at home and fractured her hip at the end of July. During her stay at Straub Hospital, I had to find a rehab facility for her recovery.  After a great deal of research, I learned that most facilities needed to quarantine new patients due to COVID 19 and did not allow any family visits. Fortunately, I found Kalakaua Gardens which was in a convenient location, your safety guidelines allowed family visits and there was a space for my mother. The COVID safety precautions in place made us feel comfortable that patients were protected.

It was a difficult transition for her as she wanted to return home.  I have to acknowledge your amazing nursing staff on the 5th floor for their patience, kindness, caring and understanding. Your RNs and assistants display a positive attitude to the patients and family members. Questions were always answered, concerns addressed and everyone I encountered was friendly, informative and helpful.  The PT explained what he was doing when helping my mom walk, which I found extremely helpful.

Two members need to be acknowledged further.  Brandi Nakamoto, Social Services Director, is great at her job. She provided comprehensive information, contact info, and more.  She is so communicative with families and answered our questions and concerns in a prompt manner.   Brooke Protacio helped with scheduling visits and responded promptly at all times of the day and even nights.   I hope they are recognized for their outstanding customer service and as valuable assets to the Kalakaua Gardens family.

-Cheryl, Daughter of Skilled Nursing Patient

July 14, 2021

"It's great to see how engaged she is and how much fun she is having."

One of the really nice things about being able to visit mom in person again is seeing how much she enjoys the activities for the memory care residents. I've watched her participate in blackout bingo, balloon badminton and various art projects and it's great to see how engaged she is and how much fun she is having. Many of the other residents are also enjoying the activities. Bonnie Ho does such a wonderful job as the activities leader. Her enthusiasm, patience and positive outlook help to get the residents involved, and the staff is always providing great support.

We really cannot say it enough but many thanks to you and the entire 6th floor staff for all that you do for mom and the other residents. I know that it is often a difficult and exhausting job but please let everyone know that their hard work and genuine kindness are always very much appreciated by our family!

-Kyle S. Son of Memory Care Resident (Honolulu)

July 9, 2021

"Services my mom received during her 4 weeks stay was very satisfying."

Services my mom received during her 4 weeks stay was very satisfying.  Received excellent service from all staff members and they were very caring and patience. Good job to all that help my mom recover.

-Corrine C. Family Member of Skilled Nursing Patient

July 2, 2021

"Outstanding nurse . . . she always called with updates or concerns and kept us informed."

Okay, right now and several months prior, because of Covid, my relative who was there for surgery recovery and PT, visitation is EXTREMELY limited. I get that. They have strict policy. They're just trying to keep their clients safe and healthy . . . My interest was care. And I'm happy to report that they took care of my relative to the point that he is well enough to come home after 2 months recovery from an infection that he caught at a different nursing home on Oahu.

Brooke is an outstanding nurse on the 5th floor. She always called with updates or concerns and kept us informed, as we live on a neighbor island and were lucky if we could get to Honolulu every 2-3 weeks. Brandy is a Social Worker who has done all of the leg work in getting our relative the care he needed. She was our liaison between the medical insurance company, the facility and and us. She was able to address all our questions/concerns without hesitation. And we called a lot.

Kalakaua Gardens is in a great location.

-Walter W. Family Member of Skilled Nursing Patient (Hilo)

May 27, 2021

"Extra kudos to the Memory Care staff for their outstanding work during the pandemic."

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding care by the Memory Care staff on the 6th floor. The staff has cared for Mom for a number of years. They are very familiar and cognizant of any subtle changes in her behavior. In Memory Care, because the residents are sometimes unable to communicate that they are not feeling well or something is wrong, it's up to the staff to be aware of any changes, even minor ones. The Memory Care staff was instrumental in catching Momʻs UTI and pneumonia in the early stages where the antibiotics could effectively work. Had this progressed longer, Mom would not have recovered as quickly as she did or even at all.

Extra kudos to the Memory Care staff for their outstanding work during the pandemic. They are dealing with residents with limited short-term memory, sometimes angry outbursts, difficulty in communicating, sundowner's syndrome, full moon, etc. With all of these daunting conditions, they were able to keep our family members safe and healthy.

The key to maintaining proper care for the residents in memory care is ensuring long term quality staff. Consistency in seeing the same caring faces eases the anxiety in Alzheimer'spatients and provides them with a better quality of life. Mahala to the Memory Care staff!

– Cynthia P. Daughter of Memory Care Patient (Honolulu)

May 17, 2021

"Kalakaua Gardens facility is by far one of the best on the island."

Mom suffered a bad fall couple of months ago and went straight from the hospital into Kalakaua Gardens Skilled Nursing Facility . . . The professionalism, compassion, dedication, and concern for my mom and my family was unexpected.  With this being so new to our family we were so worried how the care would be, what will happen when her stay is over, where do we go from there.

Let me tell you, the nurses and the staff on the fifth floor where my mom was staying were on top of it.  Every fall that happened, every mishap good or bad, and every step in the process was communicated to us right away, so it made me and my family confident in their ability to care for mom.  We were all actually able to sleep at night since the ordeal.

Special shout out to Brandi Nakamoto who is the social worker there kept us updated and informed every step of the way.  Even helped us in finding a place for mom to go to. Brooke Protacio who is the activities director there showed so much dedication, hard work, and compassion.  So much so that my mom even said she wanted to adopt her as her daughter.

Special thanks also to Rebecca from the nursing staff and others, I forget their names and all the staff at Kalakaua Gardens for helping with caring for my mom.

We liked them so much we wanted mom to stay there in their memory care unit.

Bottom line is this place rocks.  If your loved one is ever in need of care, rehab, assited living, memory care, etc...  I would highly recommend them.

Oh yeh and one more thing, you can tell that everyone of their staff love and enjoy what they do,.

– Colin M. Son of Skilled Nursing Patient (Honolulu)