Aloha Advantage

Introducing the ALOHA Advantage Plan
Kalākaua Gardens strives to treat every resident like royalty so that you can enjoy stress-free living. That’s why we created the new ALOHA Advantage Plan to lower your monthly rental rate.

Here’s How it Works
When you put down a refundable deposit for Independent Living, your monthly rate will drop by $1500. That saves you money in the long run.

Making Your Money Work for You
Using your available funds for a deposit at Kalākaua Gardens helps you realize a better return than investing in a low-interest savings vehicle such as a certificate of deposit or investing in other ways that offer the potential for higher returns but at considerable risk to your hard-earned assets.

Your Deposit is Refunded Back to You
If you move to another level of care within Kalākaua Gardens, your deposit will be returned to you (less a 10% administration fee). And because you’re part of the ALOHA Advantage Plan, you’ll be given priority admission into our Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Care programs.

1. What is the Aloha Advantage Plan?
A special payment option where an entry fee is paid to Kalākaua Gardens in exchange for a reduced monthly rent for Independent Living Residents.

2. What is Independent Living?
Independent Living (IL) is a living option that includes room and board, meals and snacks, 24-hour emergency response, weekly housekeeping, wellness services and lifestyle programming. It does not include assisted living services.

3. I want to age in place and not have to adjust to living somewhere else. Is there any guarantee of being able to stay at Kalākaua Gardens as I need more care? 
Fortunately, Kalākaua Gardens has the entire spectrum of senior living services all under one roof. Every effort is made to accommodate an “aging in place” environment.

4. What happens if I start to need some personal assistance, in the Aloha Advantage Plan?
When a resident starts to need assistance with activities of daily living or medication management the resident becomes eligible for Assisted Living services. A level of care based upon an evaluation by a nurse is used to determine the level of care.

5. Does my deposit earn interest?
The deposit for the Aloha Advantage Plan does not generate interest.

6. How does the refund process work?
Details are found in the residency agreement, but in general terms, once a resident leaves the Aloha Advantage Plan a refund can be expected within 180 days or as when their unit is rented by another Aloha Advantage resident.

7. Will the 90% be available to be used towards monthly rent when if I can no longer afford the monthly rent?
Under the Aloha Advantage Plan, the 90% portion of the fee is not available to cover rent if funds are exhausted. Once the refund is processed, the resident may use the refund to cover costs. We encourage each resident to keep Kalākaua Gardens administration abreast of changes to their personal financial situation so the team can assist with financial management.

8. What needs to be established in advance so that the remaining deposit goes to the family if my parent has passed away?
Kalākaua Gardens advises each resident and designated power of attorney to make appropriate arrangements for end of life estate planning. Kalākaua Gardens will honor the legal financial arrangements established by each resident and their designated responsible party.

9. What kind of notice do I need to give if I no longer want to participate in the Aloha Advantage Plan?
A resident participating in the Aloha Advantage Plan is required to give a 60 day notice. This allows the Kalākaua Gardens sales team the opportunity to begin marketing the individual unit for rent.